Design Trends – Gold Bronze Antiqued Hardware/Lighting Finishes

Brushed Gold

Choices are boundless today when you are selecting finishes for your doors, cabinets, plumbing, lighting fixtures and hardware.

Gone are the days a few finish choices of chrome (polished or brushed) rubbed oil bronze or brass. Today’s options are limitless.

Champagne Bronze

It can be confusing with Manufacturers using different names for similar finishes and often vary in actual finish. But today that’s good, because design trends are not a singular finish today.

Gone are the days of using the same style, color, and finish throughout your home.

Antique Brass

Having an experienced design professional to assist you like Mary Simmons with MS Interiors will guide you through the sometimes overwhelming process. The end product is making your house a home representing you. Keeping with timeless styles, finishes, and colors to last through all trends of today.

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